Why Is Butcher Box Chicken Better?

We Sell Chicken, Not Water

Most of the chicken sold in local grocery stores is water chilled. During this process, the producers submerge the chickens in a vat of cold water in order to reduce bacteria. This creates a few problems.

  1. Anytime you put anything in water, it takes on the water adding weight to the chicken. Now instead of paying for chicken, you’re also paying for water.
  2. As you cook the chicken, the water starts to evaporate or steam the chicken. The result, the chicken shrinks and tastes rubbery.
  3. You can see this for yourself, if you’ve ever purchased chicken in a bag and at the bottom of the bag there is water … that’s the water leaking out of the chicken.
  4. As the bacteria levels increase in the water, the producers add a food grade bleach to the water .. so now you’ve just added a chemical to the food that you and your family will be eating.
  5. Some stores, in order to reduce the retail price, pump the chicken. In this process a syringe containing a saline solution is injected into the chicken, adding more liquid, salt and more weight to the chicken.

There is a Difference

There is a process called Air Chilled, and just as it sounds, the chickens are cooled by cold air and not water. This process takes longer adding cost however the difference is significantly noticeable.

At Butcher Box, we only carry Ontario air chilled, grain fed, free range poultry, raised without any hormones or steroids. Combine that with the air chilling process and the result is the best tasting, better cooking and safer products for you and your family.

From freezer to cooking in 20 minutes

Easily thaw these individual vacuum packed chicken breast in 15 – 20 minutes, season it the way you want and, place it on the BBQ, pan fry or in the oven, there are thousands of ways to enjoy this high quality product while ensuring you’re feeding your family only the best.

This is the way chicken should be !!!

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