100% grass fed, naturally raised Meats and fish to Your Door

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Air Chilled, Free Run Poultry

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Wild Sockeye Salmon

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Local Ontario Premium Pork

Build your box

100% grass fed, naturally raised Meats and fish to Your Door

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Butcher Box is a farm to table meat provider. We believe that every family deserves to eat CLEAN, locally sourced, 100% grass fed 100% grass finished beef, naturally raised Ontario AAA beef, Ontario premium pork, air chilled, free run, grain fed poultry and wild sockeye salmon caught using sustainable fishing methods, never farmed or harvested.

All of our products are cut fresh to order, then individually flash frozen to maintain the freshness along with the vitamins, nutrients and flavour.

You now have the ability to provide your family with monthly meat deliveries containing the best products available at the best prices. You can relax knowing you're eating clean, healthy products while supporting local Ontario family farms.

You're never locked in, you can make changes, suspend or cancel at anytime before your next billing date, so there's no risk involved.

Each butcher box is customized to your families tastes, preferences and dietary needs - you choose the items in your box, and it can all be done in just 3 easy steps

Step 1. Choose your butcher box

Step 2. Customize your Butcher box

Step 3. free delivery

Every month you'll receive your selection of locally sourced, naturally raised, chemical free, AAA beef, Ontario premium pork; air-chilled, grain-fed poultry raised without any hormones, steroids or antibiotics and wild Sockeye Salmon delivered right to your door.

Am I locked in? Never, at anytime before your next process date, you simply log into your account where you can modify the cuts of meats, skip a shipment (in case you're on vacation) or cancel all together.

It's summer now and I need more steak, what can I do? Butcher Box makes everything extremely easy, simply log into your account and swap out items that you won't be using for more steak.

I need more meat for an upcoming party, what can I do? It's easy to increase your box, call our customer care at 905-593-2648 and we'll take care of that for you.

What if I don't make any changes to my order? No problem, you'll receive exactly the same box as in your previous month.

I have questions, who can I call? Anytime you have a question, please feel free to call our customer service at 905-593-2648 for a fast response.

When you log into your account you'll see what's scheduled to be shipped on every future shipment and as long as that month's order has not been processed, you can make changes to the shipment or leave it as it is and you'll receive exactly the same box as in your previous month.


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