Where are your prices - how do I see your prices?

It is very easy to see our box prices - simply click on "Order Now" - you will be asked for your postal code and your email adress.

This serves two purposes -

  1. If you enter your email address and already have a subscription, you will be reminded that you have a subscription and be asked if you wish to place a new order or if you wish to edit your order - avoiding duplicate orders.
  2. Entering your postal code will provide information for you right away as to whether we can ship to your area or not - before you choose a box, products, check out then find out we aren't able to ship to you.

**If you don't wish to provide your email, you can use postalcode@butcherbox.ca - this will, if your postal code is within our shipping/delivery area, take you directly to our boxes listings and the cost of each box is there.

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