When Will I Receive My Order?

You’ll typically receive your order within 1-5 business days.

We schedule localized (generally, most locations within an hour to 1.5 hours from our plant in Mississauga) deliveries from Monday to Friday - and will email (and/or text) you with a day, date and 3 hour time slot as soon as we have a delivery schedule in your area finalized - we try to provide at least 24 hours notice of delivery scheduling.

If you need special delivery arrangements please let us know in response to the delivery confirmation email or by emailing Customer Service or call us at 905-593-2648 and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


For orders outside of our localized delivery area, we’ll ship your order using a major courier and overnight service. With our courier partners, we ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from our plant in Mississauga - we will email you a tracking number for your reference as soon as we have confirmed the courier pick up.

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