What Is The Difference Between 100% Grass Fed Grass Finished And 100% Grass Fed Grain Finished?

That’s a great question. Many claim to be 100% Grass Fed however it’s also important to know how the animal is finished or fed, is it a grass finish or grain finish?

At Butcher Box, we are proud to offer you the choice of 100% grass fed, grass finished; along with our grass fed, grain finished AAA line.

You’ll notice the first few beef products are AAA, grass fed then grain finished, which is the most popular type of beef. With this process the animals are fed 100% grass up until the last few months before going to market, at which point our farmers feed the animals a mixture of grains, increasing the level of marbling resulting in a AAA steak with a buttery texture. These are the steaks in high demand at fine dining and high end steak restaurants.

We also carry 100% Grass Fed, 100% grass finished beef. Since these animals are raised only on grass, the meat has a slightly different flavour profile however there are several health benefits to eating grass finished over grain finished.

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