What is the best method for thawing Butcher Box products?

We advise that all products are thawed on a plate or dish - because we cut our product fresh and vacuum seal and flash freeze it right away, products can become slightly compressed inside the sealed package in order to provide an airtight seal and prevent any chance of freezer burn. As products thaw and the natural juices begin moving through them again, they can expand slightly and interrupt the seal - this is a natural process and does not affect the quality or freshness of the product.

The preferred thawing method is several hours or overnight in the refrigerator (with a plate underneath) but you can also thaw using an extremely cold water bath - if the water begins to warm up please replenish it with cold water. We recommend using a bowl in the cold water bath to hold the package. We do not advise ever thawing products in the microwave.

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