What is in your chicken feed?

Chicken feed is generally prepared in specialized feed mills and comes under the jurisdiction of the "Canada Feeds Act" which makes them subject to government regulations and inspections.

While 90% of all animal feed in Canada is manufactured in these regulated and inspected feed mills, many smaller farmers mill their own, using products they grow themselves - but they are still subject to regulations and government inspections.

The main ingredient in all chicken feed is grains and grain by-products, protein-producing seeds and meal made from them. So, in essence, ALL chicken in Canada is grain-fed. 10% or less would be other protein sources such as meat and bone meal that are added to improve the nutritional content - while some birds are raised without any animal products - but the animal products need to be replaced with vegetable sources because chickens are omnivores - so to maintain bird health an alternative to the proteins meat products provide are necessary.

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