How Do I Update Credit Card/Payment Information

Once you have logged in, choose "My Payment Options" from the directory to the left of your screen.  Complete the address confirmation, once you have done so you will see the screen below - 


Update payment info

You can enter your new card information, click on "Continue". 

In order to apply this credit card to your subscription and future orders, please click on “My Subscriptions”, find the subscription that you want to update, click “Edit”, then click on the “Change Payment Options” button, then under “Payment Account”, select the card from the drop down menu that you would like to assign to that subscription moving forward. 

Make sure you click on "Save Subsription" before you leave the screen.

If you have any questions our customer service team is here for support - email us at or call us at 905-593-2648.  We're happy to help!

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