How do Gift Cards Work?

When you purchase a gift card for someone you will receive an email confirming your purchase. 

Your recipient will also receive an email which contains a personal message from you, along with a gift card number - this number will be a link they can click on to be taken directly to our site.  Once there, they will "Redeem Gift Card" and the balance of the card will be immediately transferred to a Store Credit - this is so our system can track any remaining balance on the card.  When the recipient places their order they will be given the option of applying their store credit to the order total. 

If they don't use the full value of the card the balance will remain in their "Store Credits" - these credits never expire - and to use the remaining balance, the existing subscription will need to be cancelled and a new order placed.  If their order is greater than their Store Credit, they will be charged for the balance due on the order.

If you have any questions at all please reach out via email to Customer Service or by phone at 905-593-2648

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