What is the best way to dispose of the dry ice?

While we use small, food safe amounts of dry ice in our courier packagaing, disposing of dry ice requires careful handling to ensure safety. Here are guidelines to help you properly dispose of dry ice:

Allow Sublimation:

  • Place the remaining dry ice inside the styrofoam liner, in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors or in a room with good airflow.  Allow the dry ice to sublimate (dry ice doesn't melt), which is the process of turning from a solid directly into carbon dioxide gas. This will happen naturally as the dry ice warms up.

Wear Gloves:

  • When handling dry ice, always use insulated gloves,a towel or tongs to prevent possible frostbite or injury. Dry ice is extremely cold, with a temperature of about -78.5 degrees Celsius (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

Do Not Seal in airtight containers or place on counters or in sinks:

  • Never store dry ice in airtight or sealed containers, or in a closed trash bin, as the sublimation of dry ice produces carbon dioxide gas, and pressure could build up in a closed container, possibly causing it to burst.
  • Do not place the dry ice on your counter or in your sink - due to the extreme temperature of the product, it may cause damage.

Once the dry ice has been sublimated, the packaging can be recycled.

Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe and resonsible disposal process for you.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to our customer service team via email or phone - 905-593-2648.


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