Can I Get My Order Sooner Than Originally Scheduled?

Absolutely, you can change your next order processing date to be sooner, even make the order process the same day if you wish - and we will deliver/ship as soon as possible after that for you. 

1.  Simply sign in to your account and from the directory list to the left choose "My         Subscriptions"

2.  Then choose which subscription you wish to edit

3.  Then choose "Change Next Process Date"


4.  Then click on the calendar to the right of the processing date showing - you can either choose a new date or you can choose "Now" at the bottom of the calendar for a same day renewal

5.  Make sure you click "Save Subscription" before signing out

**Please note - be sure you make any product selection changes BEFORE you change your processing date.  Edit your product selections, click on "Update Order" then follow the steps above to change the processing date of the order.



If you have any questions at all please feel free to email Customer Service or call us at 905-593-2648

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