Can I Order Once Only or Order for a Gift?


Absolutely, no problem at all - we do offer one time orders so you can order as needed - when you choose "Build Your Box" on our Home page you will be guided to enter your postal code and email address - don't worry, this information is simply so we can determine if we can ship to you (or your recipient). If you are shipping to someone else, please enter their postal code so we can determine if we can ship to that area. Once you fill in the fields you will see the following screen, simply choose "Gift Box/One-Time Box" You will be prompted to enter a gift message and then will be taken to select your choices, then check out. If you are looking for gift cards, we offer those, as well - If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our customer support team - via chat, via email to or phone us at (905) 593-2648 - we're here to help!

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