Selva Extra Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp 16/20 Count

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1 Bag, 340g
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These sustainable, premium quality Extra Jumbo 16/20 Black Tiger prawns are naturally raised in mangrove forests without feed or chemicals,  resulting in natural goodness.  Shrimp feed usually contains ingredients that have been genetically modified but, since feed is never used for our shrimp, you can be sure that Selva Shrimp® are 100% GMO free.

Selva Shrimp® leaves a much smaller ecological footprint than other animal proteins.  Selva Shrimp® is the first black tiger shrimp to be recommended as a “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch® and to be approved by Ocean Wise®.

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**Please note - the nature of this product does not allow vacuum sealing.

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