Wild Argentinian Extra Jumbo Shrimp 16/20 count

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Named to suit their natural appearance, “Argentina Pink”, these wild caught shrimp are deep red in colour in their raw state. Once cooked the flesh becomes pure white and shells, if left on, retain the brilliant red hue.

These extra jumbo wild Argentina pink shrimp, also known as “Patagonian Reds”, are caught at sea in the deep, cold waters of the South West Atlantic Ocean giving them a sweet taste, in fact, they are known to be the sweetest shrimp in the world. The flavour profile has been compared to that of lobster - rich and buttery.

The fishery is strictly managed by the Argentinian Government. Prior to each catch season, the government measures the Shrimp Stock Biomass to ensure catch levels are sustainable for generations to come!

**Please note - the nature of this product does not allow vacuum sealing.

Cooking instructions: These tender, wild, cold-water shrimps require minimal cooking and are beautiful just lightly grilled or sautéed in a pan over low heat.

Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp, Salt, Penta Sodium Tri Phosphate, Sodium Metabisulfite.
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