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Cut from premium, naturally raised, cage free, Ontario pork, the tenderloin is a versatile, tasty, lean and tender cut which can be roasted or grilled – and is actually lower in calories than the same size serving of boneless skinless chicken breast. Our pork farmers practice quality and ethical farming, feeding all animals a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet and as with other pork, raised without the use added hormones or chimicals.

Pork is both - delicious and nutritious, low in sodium, trans-fat free and a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and protein.  Our Ontario pork has been perfected to be, on average, 31% lower in fat and 10% lower in cholesterol than 10 years ago.

Cook’s tip - there are many ways to prepare pork tenderloin, we have always found that rosemary and garlic are two seasonings that cannot go wrong with pork.

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