Air Chilled Whole Chickens, RWA

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1 Chicken at 3 – 4 lbs, Vacuum Sealed
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Our whole chickens are raised right here in Ontario on family farms who believe, as we do, that natural is best.  Uncaged and free range, they wander at will and peck at whatever they find.  Grain fed and raised with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics; we think we have found the best whole chickens Ontario has to offer!

Stuffed and roasted, as chicken and dumplings, or the ever-classic beer can BBQ – our air chilled whole chickens are sure to make your favourite recipe even better!!

All our poultry is air chilled - this is the safest, healthiest, cleanest way to process chicken.  There is never any contact between the birds, so no cross contamination can occur.  The birds are chilled using air chambers, not water, so no water is absorbed and there is no chlorine or bleach used, as there is when chicken is water chilled.  While air chilling takes more time and is a more costly method, we passionately believe it is the best chicken you will ever taste.  This is the way chicken should be!

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