Stewing Beef - 100% Grass Fed Grass Finished, Pasture Raised

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Perfect for slow cooking, oven braising or stove top simmering, our 100% grass fed grass finished stew beef from 8 Acers is sure to satisfy even the hungriest of diners!  Another option is marinating and skewering the beef with mushrooms and onions for a delicious grilled skewer! 

Pastured throughout their entire lives, our grass fed grass finished cattle are never fed grain or corn and are antibiotic, hormone and drug free. Better for the environment, grass feeding allows ecosystems to naturally regenerate, helps control erosion and run off from fields and produces a leaner product, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and lower in cortisol – all making it a healthy heart choice for you.

Cook’s Tip – When making stew, first dredge the beef cubes in a bit of flour (gluten free, regular, rice, potato) then lightly sear or brown the beef before putting in with the stew ingredients.  This will help tenderize the meat.

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