Wild Icelandic Haddock Fillets

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Not your everyday haddock, our wild Icelandic haddock is a premium fish, noted for a distinctive dark mark just behind its pectoral fin, caught only in the deep, cold waters surrounding Iceland. Haddock is related to cod but tends to have a sweeter, milder taste; it is known for its delicate flake and fine texture. 

The Icelandic Haddock Fishery has been certified under the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries program since 2013. The Fishery is also Marine Stewardship Council certified and Ocean Wise recommended - literally, fish with nothing to hide – our haddock is caught using hook and line which greatly reduces any chance of by-catch and overfishing as can occur with bottom trawlers.

Cooking tipA mild, flakey white fish perfect for any cooking application - you haven't had fish and chips until you've tried it with our wild Icelandic haddock fillets!

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