Pork Chops Boneless, Centre Cut, this pack contains 3 individually vacuum packed chops - Butcher Box

Pork Chops Boneless, Centre Cut - This Selection Contains 3 Individually Vacuum Packed Chops

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Don't be mistaken, this is not the same pork chop that you're buying at your local grocery store. This 6 - 8oz, locally sourced, Ontario chop is perfectly cut from the centre of the loin, which is the most tender part of the pork loin.

Ontario pork has come a long way in the last 10 years – today’s product is about 31% lower in fat and over 10% lower in cholesterol.  Our center cut boneless pork loin chops are cut from animals that are naturally raised, fed a vegetarian diet and encouraged to engage in natural behaviours – low stress for healthier animals. 

 Packed with protein, pork provides may, if not all of the essential amino acids needed by your body for healthy growth and maintenance, vital during certain stages of life – such as adolescence, pregnancy and childhood.  Getting enough protein is important for adults as well, as a key to helping lower the risk of sarcopenia (the gradual loss of muscle mass and function that begins in middle age), thus decreasing the risk of frailty, falls and difficulty with every day tasks as we get older.