Ground Turkey - this pack contains 2lbs, packed in 1lb vacuum bag. - Butcher Box

Ground Turkey - this pack contains 2 lbs, packed in 1 lb vacuum bag.

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Preferred by many as an alternative to ground beef, our 1 lb packs of ground turkey make a fantastic base for sauces, chilis – try it as a burger!  Our ground turkey comes from Ontario farms, and is raised without any added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Loaded with protein for muscle and tissue building; B-complex vitamins for healthy blood circulation, glucose metabolism lowering cholesterol levels and protection against heart disease; selenium to support immune systems, controls thyroid function and protects your body against cellular damage that can lead to cancer or other chronic diseases; ground turkey may well be considered a super food!

Cooking tip – due to ground turkey being somewhat leaner than ground beef, over handling can lead to dry, tough finished product.  Try to minimize the actual handling of the turkey.