Ground Turkey - this pack contains 2lbs, packed in 1lb vacuum bag. - Butcher Box

Ground Turkey - this pack contains 2lbs, packed in 1lb vacuum bag.

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Substituting ground turkey for ground beef in burgers, tacos, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf and other recipes can reduce the saturated fat and cholesterol in your meals. Low in calories and high in protein, ground turkey contributes to your daily requirements for B-complex vitamins and selenium. 

Use turkey to make your own healthy delicious burger. One 4-ounce grilled, fat-free turkey burger provides roughly 48 percent of the daily value of protein, or the amount you need to consume each day for healthy body function. Protein provides the structural material for your cells, tissues, organs and fluid compounds, such as hormones and enzymes. 

4 ounces of ground turkey provides 50 percent of your daily value of niacin, a B-complex vitamin that promotes healthy blood circulation, facilitates glucose metabolism and helps control your cholesterol levels. Vitamin B-6, another nutrient in ground turkey, contributes to healthy nerve function and offers protection against heart disease. Ground turkey is also rich in selenium, a trace mineral that supports immunity, controls thyroid function and protects your body against the cellular damage that can lead to cancer or other chronic diseases.