Individually Vacuum Sealed - Butcher Box

AAA Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon - This selection contains 1 - 6oz Steak, Individually Vacuum Sealed

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Considered the most tender cut of steak, our filet is cut from naturally raised AAA Ontario beef, wrapped in a blanket of our very own butcher bacon – simply, perfection!  Our bacon wrapped filet mignon is flavour at it’s finest – sure to impress dinner guests, your favourite Valentine, the birthday boy/girl, that big dinner date, or simply as a little luxury for yourself. 

Our beef farmers all believe in and practice humane, natural farming methods – encouraging natural animal behaviours, resulting in healthier animals and a premium finished product – AAA grade or better, nothing less.  Beef is a great source of iron, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium and potassium – a multi vitamin all by itself!

Flavour tip - for the best flavour results, always let the steak rest for five to ten minutes between grilling and serving to allow all the juices to settle in.