Air Chilled Chicken Drumsticks - This Pack Contains 3 lbs of drumsticks average 1lb vacuum bags. - Butcher Box

Air Chilled Chicken Drumsticks - This Selection Contains 3 lbs of drumsticks average 1 lb vacuum packs.

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All of our Chickens are free to roam, vegetarian grain-fed, raised on local Ontario farms, without the use of hormones and free from antibiotics. Our drumsticks are perfect for jerk chicken recipes, for bbq chicken recipes, for crispy baked chicken, even as an alternative to wings!  Kids seem to love them, they are easy to eat and hold in their hands.

Our air chilled chicken offers a truer, more buttery colour and flavour, and is all processed in our HACCP certified butcher shop, completely separated from any other raw butcher products, virtually eliminating cross contamination.  Chicken is also a great source of protein, vitamin B6, niacin, and pantothenic acid.  These vitamins help with metabolism and keep hair and skin healthy.

Easily thaw these vacuum packed chicken drumsticks in 15 - 20 minutes, season it the way you want and, place it on the BBQ, pan fry or in the oven, there are thousands of ways to enjoy this high quality product while ensuring you're feeding your family only the best.

Cooking tip – make sure chicken is always cooked fully – temperature check in the thickest part of the piece, alongside the bone, the thermometer should read 165F.