100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Bone Broth - This package contains 1 unit at 500 ml - Butcher Box

100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Bone Broth - This Selection Contains 1 Unit at 500 ml

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There are many health benefits that come with bone broth as part of your daily diet.  Whether by drinking it, or by using it in recipes, bone broth is nutrient-dense, easy to digest, rich in flavour and boosts healing.

By slowly simmering bones healing compounds like collagen for joints and cartilage; glucosamine to reduce inflammation and arthritis pain; and gelatin for intestinal health, among many others; are released into the broth, in a form that is remarkably easy for our bodies to ingest.  There are actually dozens of different nutrients in bone broth, many of which can’t be obtained from other commonly consumed foods – which is just part of the many incredible bone broth benefits.

Our bone broth comes from Bruce Valley Farms and is made from 100% grass fed grass finished beef – no hormones, no steroids, no GMO, no artificial flavours or preservatives and no MSG!  Also, completely gluten free.  Use it as a base for soups, gravies, anything you used to use soup base for – even warm it up and enjoy it from your favourite mug!