Stewing Beef - Organic, RWA

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Ideal not only for its convenience, our certified organic stew beef is wholly honest, coming from our friends at 8 Acres who certify their pastures for cattle are free of any pesticides, artificial fertilizers or any other chemical! 

Never any GMO feed, absolutely no added hormones or steroids and antibiotic free – when cooked low and slow this organic stewing beef is a full flavoured, healthy addition to any homemade stew or other braised recipe!

Rest easy knowing your stew is both belly warming and completely healthy – beef is an excellent source of protein and iron, among many other essential vitamins and nutrients.

**Cooking tips – sear in a hot skillet first, then add to your slow cooker, dutch oven or stove top pot. Cook low and slow for several hours to ensure your beef is fall apart tender.

Organic Beef
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