Ontario Veal Cutlets, RWA and HALAL

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From our RWA (raised without antibiotics) line, our veal is from local farms who practice ethical, natural animal husbandry. Allowing cage free living creates less stress on the animal meaning they are healthier, which is also better for us! Halal certified and raised with no growth hormones, chemicals or steroids, our veal is also antibiotic free! 

Unbreaded, no flour coating, our veal cutlets are ready for your choice of recipe, sauce, preparation, etc. Milder in flavour, more tender than a beef cutlet and with lower saturated fat content, veal cutlets are a great place to start a meal!

Cooking tip – Whether you schnitzel, scallopini, Milanese, piccata or parmesan your cutlets, the biggest secret is to make sure you fast fry – always use a hot pan and hot oil,overcooking will make any cutlet dry and chewy.

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