Naturally Raised Lean Ground Beef - This Pack Contains 2 lbs of Lean Ground Beef in on average 1 lb packs - Butcher Box

Naturally Raised Black Angus Lean Ground Beef - This Selection Contains 2 lbs, Packed in 1 lb Vacuum Packs.

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From our RWA (raised without antibiotics) program and our friends at Bar Five Angus farms from the Grey Highlands of Ontario, these cattle are raised completely without antibiotics, added hormones or growth stimulants of any kind.  Our Ontario Black Angus program is through our partnership with Artisan Farms who practice humane, ethical, traceable and sustainable natural farming. 

Packed in 1 lb packs, this ground beef is a perfect beginning to chili, pasta sauce, shepherd’s pie and any other dish you want to use it for – including making your own burgers. Each 1 lb pack is individually vacuum sealed then flash frozen, preserving all of the natural flavours and nutrients, not allowing any oxidation to take place, giving you the freshest tasting product possible for your meals!

Lean ground beef is an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients, including zinc, vitamin B6, and alpha lipoic acid, all of which help your body create antibodies to fight infection and illness, along with helping control blood sugar levels.  Butcher Box lean ground beef is also an excellent source of protein and iron.