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Air Chilled Chicken – Does it Really Make a Difference?

Air Chilled Poultry vs Water Chilled Poultry – what’s the dish? Have you seen chicken labelled as “air chilled” in the store or online? Have you wondered what it means? Have you wondered if there is really any difference at all? The breakdown of the methodology is here, and yes, there is a difference. Water Chilling The Canadian Department of Agriculture mandates that, for safety sake and the prevention of bacteria growth leading to food borne illnesses, all poultry must be chilled immediately after evisceration to a temperature of 40F.  Most processors, in the interest of speed and lower cost, use vats of ice-cold water – and, while effective, this does allow the chickens to absorb water – mostly in...

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Farm to Table – Fact or Fiction

Farm to Table – Fact or Fiction Is farm to table a “real” thing? We’ve all heard the buzz words - farm to table, buy local, farm to fork, but what does any of it mean, really? How do we know we are actually doing something positive – for farmers, our families, ourselves? Is this just some passing trend that we’ll all regret buying into next year? The kind of questions that can keep your brain fluttering at night….fortunately, there are answers. While the timeline is primarily US based, it does provide information regarding the movement, how it was brought to the public’s attention that, in the interest of better food, better health, we needed to address our food sources,...

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