Why Naturally Raised Beef is Important

Why Butcher Box.ca Promotes Naturally Raised Pastured Beef


Pasture-based farming is better for animals, the environment, farmers, and you. The Butcher Box.ca family has always believed that animals raised naturally, humanely and encouraged in their natural animal behaviours - with as little human interaction as possible, reduces the stress on the animals -which makes them healthier and happier - and always, always, ALWAYS produces a top quality product for our customers to enjoy!

While many commercial farms can raise their animals on feedlots that restrict their movement, their freedom, our farmers don't believe that is a good way to get things done. Many large commercial farms implement these practices in order to focus on fast production and turnaround rather than the importance of animal wellbeing. Our founder - Tony, realized a long time ago that this was not how he felt farming should be done - and set out to work with smaller, traditional family farms who believe the quality of the end product outweighs the need for speed and mass production.

Our farms represent Ontario's proud family traditions - farms that only raise animals that are free to roam and graze on pastures every day, soaking in some sunlight, enjoying all the fresh air they wish. 

Animals that graze on pastures help with the natural regeneration cycle - they graze, they fertilize, the pasture regrows.  Following this natural cycle allows the healthy soil and pastures to help filter greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide out of the air - healthier for us, as well!  Our farm partners carefully monitor animal grazing and maintain even-grazing throughout different pastures, allowing them to regenerate completely naturally - this can have a very positive impact on the environment!

 You can feel good about our products, because our farming partners take great care of their animals and their farms.  They believe in raising a clean, healthy product for you and your family to enjoy.