Prime Rib Roast - AAA, Grass Fed

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1 Grass Fed, Prime Rib Roast at 2.5 - 3lbs
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Looking for a classic roast that is juicy, well-marbled and bursting with flavour for your next special occasion dinner (or, as we call it at our house – Sunday)? Our prime rib roast cut from AAA Ontario beef that is naturally raised definitely fits that bill! Roasted using its own bones as a roasting rack in the pan, letting the marbling itself baste the roast (never put water in a prime rib roasting pan to cook it), served au jus or with a demi glace – this roast will have everyone at your dinner table oohing and aahing over the flavour. 

Cooking tip – Always let your roast come to room temperature before cooking. Use high heat to sear and brown the outer layer (450 F for about 20 minutes), then reduce heat (325F) to continue cooking to desired doneness – no lid on your roaster. Always use a digital thermometer to test the doneness of your roast – Rare 110F, medium-rare 120F, medium 130F. Once internal temp has been reached, tent your roast loosely with aluminum foil and let rest 30 minutes before slicing and serving, this will complete the cooking process.

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